• Can I only download a file as a registered user?

    Yes, you need a premium account to be able to download from our website. Download is not permitted for free user or guest accounts.

  • I have booked a premium account and can't download anything?

    We manually activate each customer through many fraudulent purchases. This can take some time. As a rule, the accounts are activated within 2-4 hours.

  • I can't find a suitable tuning file?

    What file types are the files?

  • Which files types am I allowed to upload?

    All of our files are in .BIN format. You can use the files with the help of KESS, CMD, Byteshooter, Autotuner or other flashers that support this format.

  • After I've uploaded your tuning file, does the car no longer start?

    The checksum calculation does not work with many flashers that have been recreated. If this is the case, the engine control unit must be manually re-flashed with an original file. We assume no liability for this.

  • Can engine damage occur after tuning?

    Each tuning shortens the life of an engine or its turbocharger. A performance optimization automatically reduces the service life. Defective injectors can also cause engine damage prematurely. Here, too, we assume no liability or give a guarantee.

  • How much power can I get out of your tuning files?

    The tuning files are optimized so that they get up to 25% performance. Depending on the vehicle, engine type, turbocharger or engine control unit, the performance increases vary.